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US prospective sponsor location analysis

Source: Stacker analysis of Census Bureau's 2021 American Housing Survey. Cited in "The major US cities with the most animal lovers," Long Island Herald, August 17, 2023.

Source: Research by Zillow and Rover, cited in: "Zillow and Rover name top 20 fastest-growing dog-friendly cities in America," April 26, 2022.  Note: “Fastest-growing” is determined by newly-registered dog owner accounts from Rover's database of pet profiles, and Zillow page views of pet-friendly single-family home rental listings.

Source: Forbes Advisor research, cited in, "States With The Most Devoted Dog Owners, Ranked," February 9, 2023. Note: “Devoted” is defined as the percentage of dog owners that “are willing to make professional, financial and personal sacrifices for the sake of their dogs.”

Source: MyMove.com analysis of Census Bureau's 2021 American Housing Survey. Cited in "Largest US Cities by Population and Why You Should Move There," MyMove.com, December 15, 2022.


Source: PetFoodIndustry.com research: “National survey reveals Australians spending on pets,” December 27, 2022.

Sources: (1) IBIS World research, cited in: "Pets and Pet Supplies Retailers in Australia - Market Size 2008–2030,” August 31, 2023; (2) Mordor Intelligence research, cited in: “Pet Food Market in Australia Size & Share Analysis - Growth Trends & Forecasts (2023-2028).”

Source: World Population Review 2023, Australia Population.

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