A sampling of publications and websites that cited HeatKills.org, 2014-2020

By Jon Sutz
Founder, HeatKills.us (and previously, HeatKills.org)

Between 2014-2020, HeatKills.org (archive here; the predecessor of HeatKills.us), and the resources I created for it, were cited by numerous news organizations, publications, websites, blogs and nonprofits throughout the US and beyond. I was made aware of this each time it occurred, through:

  • Alerts from within HeatKills.org whenever a new site linked to the site, or a page within it
  • Emails to my address, jon@heatkills.org, in which publications asked for my permission to use the original HeatKills.org infographics I produced, particularly this one (example here, from RV Lifestyle)

Being that HeatKills.org no longer exists, nor do the email addresses where I received auto-alerts, I have no idea of the full extent of these citations. It was a one-person, unpaid passion project, managed in the scraps of time I had in between other projects.

All of this data is now permanently lost, because of the negligence of the domain registrar who lost my HeatKills.org domain (lawsuit being organized now).

Below, however, are some of the citations I bookmarked as they occurred, through the years:

A sampling of my radio interviews for HeatKills.org

Many of these interviews were with Virginia radio stations, but as time went on, and these segments were shared online, I received requests from stations in other states to discuss HeatKills.org.  Here’s a sampling: