Official Sponsor program

By Jon Sutz, Founder,

Starting soon, local auto dealers and other businesses will have the opportunity to become Official Sponsors of the project in their individual designated geographic regions.

For one flat annual fee, Official Sponsors will receive the following values:

(1) Templates for graphic media tools: Including printed flyers, large-scale vinyl banners for off-leash dog parks, and a heatstroke education and prevention tool that prospective dog adopters must complete, before they are allowed to take possession of the dog.  In each media tool, roughly 20% of the visual "real estate" is dedicated to the Official Sponsor's information.

(2) Templates for text documents: Including a press release, radio and TV/internet commercials, and a letter requesting approval to hold events and distribute literature in off-leash dog parks, and library/community center meeting rooms.

(3) First right-of-refusal to renew their sponsorship for one or more years in their designated geographic region

(4) Initial, complimentary support services: In general, these services will be limited to feedback on: (a) How to best utilize the graphic and text templates; and (b) How to navigate local Parks & Recreation department bureaucracies.

(5) Access to extended creative and advisory services (at additional cost): Official Sponsors can access a menu of supplemental services, including graphic design, script and copy writing, creative consulting, and more, on an a la carte paid basis.

To learn how your business might benefit from the Official Sponsor program, send an email.

More coming.

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