Will you help prevent dogs from suffering in hot cars?

The Facts
Dogs can’t sweat, and they’re covered in fur. This is why they’ve died from heatstroke when left in cars, even when the outside temperature was only 70 degrees, and the windows were partially open. This page contains the science behind these and other vital facts about heatstroke and dogs.
How You Can Help
The most important things you can do to prevent dogs from suffering in hot cars are (1) to become informed on the science of heatstroke and dogs, then (2) use HeatKills.us’s free resources to share this knowledge with others. The site was designed from the start to enable even those with limited mobility to play a vital role in this process.
The mission of HeatKills.us is to create state-of-the-art knowledge tools and activism strategies that will raise broad-scale public awareness of the heatstroke danger of leaving dogs in cars, An earlier version of HeatKills quickly became a highly-respected, widely-cited resource for dog lovers throughout the world. The site was created in loving memory of Shayna, an incredible rescue dog who helped to save a person’s spirit, after the 9/11 attacks.